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In the summer of 1995, my seven year old son started experiencing nose bleeds that went on for as long as 10 minutes almost on a daily basis. He had a white patch of growth on his skin that started on his hand, went up his arm and eventually to his face. His energy was so low that that he rarely left the house. A trip to the doctor brought a diagnosis of eczema and a "prescription" to put lotion on it. Not a word about his lack of energy or nose bleeds. Through the suggestion of my reflexologist, we visited her office partner and learned that my son had four parasites in his body. The white growth was amoeba. The other parasites were vein worm, lung flukes and pancreatic flukes. Joe Frank PictureHis energy was so low that his health was completely compromised and the parasites were ravaging his body. At that time "homeopathic remedy" was not a part of my vocabulary. With nothing to lose but the $24 I paid for the four small bottles of tinctures, I put my trust into the diagnosis and remedies. Within one week, my son's energy completely came back and the white growth spreading on his body was quickly dissipating. It was then that I put my faith into "alternative" holistic treatment of the body. Several years later I read a book by Hanna Kroger, a woman that had worked in a hospital for children with leukemia. It was there that I found out that the symptoms and parasites my son experience, were the same as the children with leukemia.

In the past 20 years, I have experienced almost every alternative modality offered in west central Wisconsin to heal my body ravaged by childhood trauma and two car accidents. In 1996 I was trained and attuned to Reiki Practitioner Level II and also undertook the study of aromatherapy and the medicinal value of essential oils. My deep faith in holistic treatment of the mind, body and soul has brought this website together to educate and assist you in the options available for healing on all levels of physical, emotional and spiritual. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by clicking here and I will be delighted to get back to you.

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Joe Frank