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Mother Nature has taken care of humankind from the start of our existence. Modern times have pulled us away from true self care by producing products to "ease and simplify" our lives. Unfortunately most consumer products are filled with chemicals that actually are harmful to our skin and bodies. Also, a current downside to our economy is the massive amount of products and gifts imported outside of America. Journey through the sections featured here and find only products that are 100% pure, organic and/or made by human hands without being imported from other countries.

   Name: Young Living Essential Oils
Description: My source of Essential Oils, Young Living Essential Oils, takes pride in the purity and quality of the Essential Oils and blends they offer. In the words of Young Living Essential Oils; "Anyone can make an essential oil that smells good, but only the world leader can deliver proven health results. Young Living's extensive experience farming, distilling, and sourcing essential oils guarantees each Young Living oil contains the optimal level of beneficial plant properties. Oils that work-that's at the core of what it means to be Young Living therapeutic grade™." Check out the extensive variety of single and blended Essential Oils by clicking here.